Dress Code

The purpose of the dress code is to ensure a welcoming and respectful atmosphere for Club members.  The staff is here to answer any questions about the dress code and has the authority to address violations listed below.


Appropriate golf attire is required at all times for men, women and juniors on the golf course, putting green and golf range. All apparel must be neat and clean.

Tops: Collared golf shirts.
Bottoms: Golf slacks or shorts (no cargo, gym, tennis, swim or short shorts, no cut-offs or denim.)

Tops must have sleeves or a collar (no tee shirts or tee shirt style tops, tank tops, strapless tops, halter tops or tennis attire.)
Bottoms: Skirts, skorts or shorts. Must be fingertip length or longer.

Footwear (Men and Women): appropriate golf footwear, no metal spikes.


All players using the tennis courts must wear proper attire during the outdoor tennis season. The outdoor tennis season is defined from when the tennis courts are opened in the spring to when they are closed in the fall.

Appropriate tennis attire for men means tennis shirts (including tennis crew neck shirts) and tennis shorts/pants. Tee shirts are not acceptable.

Appropriate tennis attire for women means tennis shirts, tennis dresses, skirts, pants and/or shorts. Tee shirts are not acceptable.

All junior players 17 years of age or younger will be expected to wear appropriate tennis attire as specified above including acceptable logoed tennis tee shirts.

All players must wear tennis socks and flat-bottomed tennis shoes at all times when on the tennis courts. The tennis professional will use his/her discretion in determining appropriate shoe attire. Running shoes, cross-trainers, hiking shoes and sandals/flipflops are not permitted on the tennis courts.

All running, Bermuda, cargo shorts, jeans, exercise or sweat shorts are not acceptable for adults or juniors on the tennis courts.

The tennis professional's interpretation of the rules shall prevail.


General Rules:

  • All dress on Club premises must be neat and clean.
  • The Dress Code applies to guests and transient boaters.
  • Members are responsible for informing their guests of the Dress Code.
  • Appropriate shirts/cover-ups and shoes are required in the Clubhouse and on the outdoor Patio or Terrace.
  • Bathing attire for men or women is not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the outdoor Patio or Terrace.
  • Hats: Men may not wear hats in the Clubhouse, but may wear hats on the outdoor Patio or Terrace.  Hats shall not be worn backwards on Club premises.
  • Collarless Shirts are not permitted in the Clubhouse (unless covered by a collared jacket/layer); however, appropriate tennis crew neck shirts and yachting tops may be worn on the outdoor Patio or Terrace.

Special Rules by Dining Area:


Men: Black tie (tuxedos)
Women: Appropriate formal evening attire

Men: Jackets and ties
Women: Comparable attire

Men: Collared shirts and slacks

Men: Appropriate golf or tennis attire
Women: Comparable attire

Main Dining Room and Ballroom (Downstairs):

FORMAL and INFORMAL: always permitted
INFORMAL: permitted on Saturday evening
CASUAL: permitted Sunday through Friday
Jeans: not permitted anytime

Grille Room (downstairs) and Marine Lounge (upstairs):

  • In addition to any more formal attire, appropriate golf, tennis or yachting bottoms are permitted; however, collarless tops are not permitted (unless covered by a jacket/layer)
  • Jeans are permitted, provided they are office workplace appropriate, of a solid color, with no rips or tethers

Patio and Terrace (Outdoors):

  • SPORTS ATTIRE and any more formal attire is permitted.
  • Jeans are permitted, provided they are office workplace appropriate, of a solid color, with no rips or tethers.

Special Events: The foregoing dress code rules may be modified, for certain special events at the discretion of Club staff and the event organizer(s).


The General Manager, Management staff and Department Heads shall have the authority to address Dress Code violations as follows:
1st time violations: issue a verbal warning
2nd violation: place a letter in the member’s file
​3rd or more violation: ask the member to leave the premises until properly attired